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Green Energy Stocks - Private Trading Exchange

Secondary sales of equity securities in high-growth green energy companies.

Company Volume Price Per Share Value Make a Bid Send me Bid Alerts IPO Document
$ $ Terms & Conditions What's this?
Energy Storage Pty Ltd 200,000 $0.08 $16,000 Make a Bid Send Alerts View
Direct Energy Limited 500,000 $0.38 $190,000 Make a Bid Send Alerts View
Energy Storage Pty Ltd 300,000 $0.15 $45,000 Make a Bid Send Alerts View

Note: Any implied offer herein is an excluded offer pursuant to Section 708 (8) & (11) of the Corporations Act 2001


Green Energy - Private Trading Exchange

Our trading exchange provides a Second Chance opportunity for those investors who missed out on the Initial Private Offer