About us

“Green Energy is active in all our investments and integrate a network of advisers and consultants with the aim of increasing liquidity and value for shareholders.”

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The Company takes a hands on approach in relation to all it’s investments, including Board and management roles.

The Company’s Net Asset Value increases through equity and optimisation of liquidity position and exit.

The company’s investment strategy is the provision of venture capital financing and the strategic acquisition of shares in companies which are within a growth phase whether that be advancing low cost solution based technology to commercialisation, or moving to accelerated sustained earnings and cash flow.

Direct Energy Holdings Pty Ltd is an Australian company built on more than ten years of funded R&D at University of Queensland, combined with a highly experienced team of industrial engineers, and world renowned specialists in Solid Oxide Cell design and manufacture.

Sector: Fuel Cell and green hydrogen production

Website:  https://dephl.com/

InterGroup Mining Limited is an Australian company focused on exploring and extracting minerals essential to delivering a net zero emissions world. Our current focus is on developing a major high-quality kaolin and gold project located in NE Queensland, Australia.

Recent News:  “InterGroup Secures £50 Million Share Subscription Facility from GEM as Company seeks public listing”

Sector:  Mining

Website:  https://www.igmining.com

Our high performance, low cost, long duration energy storage technology has been designed to use earth abundant minerals. Unlike current generation storage solutions, we are not reliant on minerals, such as lithium, that are already in short supply. Higher performance, lower cost, environmentally sustainable – energy storage technology for the next generation and beyond.

Sector:  Energy Storage

Website:  https://energystoragepl.com/

The company is active in the development, testing and sale of software and algorithms designed to enhance institutional and professional portfolio returns. Successful development has resulted in excess of 35% per annum pretax corporate return on investment. The opportunity to be included in above average returns which will allow the company to expand into this growing field, is now open for participation