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The Company takes a hands on approach, in relation to all of its investments, including Board & management roles. It is supported by a strategic Advisory Board made up of experienced and well informed industry professionals & executives who help to ensure a discerning and focused approach to Company growth.

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Initial Private Offer

An Initial Private Offer (IPO) provides a simple and legal pathway that enables investors to secure a stake in early-stage, high-growth companies.

“We are active in all our investments and integrate a network of advisors and consultants with the aim of increasing liquidity and value for shareholders.”

A Trading Exchange

All our company's issued securities are tradable on our Private Trading Exchange for the benefit of our Note holders, and also for the shareholders of each company we have invested in.

Strategic Finance

Identification of well managed asset rich companies.

Investment Strategy

We identify well managed asset rich companies that are on the verge of accelerated growth. We negotiate a favourable equity stake in these ventures, on the basis that it can we can provide essential venture capital.

Corporate Governance

Captures, creates, and delivers value and business profits.

- A Private Trading Exchange -

“Green Energy invests in well managed asset rich companies that are on the verge of accelerated growth and provides a Private Trading Exchange for its Investors.”